Ohio's Salamander Species

Ohio is home to 25* species of salamanders in 5 families. Click on a species name for more information.
Family Cryptobranchidae - The Giant Salamanders
Family Proteidae - The Mudpuppies and Waterdogs
  1. Eastern Hellbender, Cryptobranchus a. alleganiensis
  1. Mudpuppy, Necturus maculosus maculosus
Family Salamandridae - The "True" Salamanders
Family Ambystomatida - The Mole Salamanders
  1. Eastern Red-spotted Newt, Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens
  1. Jefferson Salamander, Ambystoma jeffersonianum
  2. Spotted Salamander, Ambystoma maculatum
  3. Blue-spotted Salamander, Ambystoma laterale
  4. Small-mouth Salamander, Ambystoma texanum
  5. Streamside Salamander, Ambystoma barbouri
  6. Marbled Salamander, Ambystoma opacum
  7. Eastern Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum
  8. Unisexual Ambystoma Complexes*
Family Plethodontidae - The Woodland or Lungless Salamanders
  1. Northern Dusky Salamander, Desmognathus fuscus fuscus
  2. Mountain Dusky Salamander, Desmognathus ochrophaeus
  3. Redback Salamander, Plethodon cinereus
  4. Ravine Salamander, Plethodon electromorphus
  5. Northern Slimy Salamander, Plethodon glutinosus glutinosus
  6. Four-toed Salamander, Hemidactylium scutatum
  7. Spring Salamander, Gyrinophulus porphyriticus ssp.
  8. Midland Mud Salamander, Pseudotriton montanus diastictus
  9. Northern Red Salamander, Pseudotrition ruber ruber
  10. Green Salamander, Aneides aeneus
  11. Two-lined Salamander, Eurycea bislineata ssp.
  12. Longtail Salamander, Eurycea longicauda
  13. Cave Salamander, Eurycea lucifuga

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